Liam Bates Breadhead SeasonEats Plantminder


SeasonEats provides a quick and easy way to see what produce is currently in season near you. Featuring favorites, notifications and a companion watchOS app.

Supporting over 130 items of produce, all 50 US states, and the United Kingdom SeasonEats has you covered. The app utilizes your location and the current month to elegantly display the produce that is currently in season near you.

Additionally you can manually view other months and locations, tap on produce to show a calendar view for the produce over the whole year, or bring up a list of all produce in your location to quickly find the produce you are looking for. With the companion Apple Watch app you can quickly view what's in season where you currently are - great for on the go!

Seasonality data has been cross-sourced from the most regarded sources in each location including State Agriculture Departments, Academic Institutions and Horticultural Societies.


If you require any support please contact me at [email protected] and I will look into the issue for you.


SeasonEats was designed and coded by me and utilizes SwiftUI as its core UI framework. All designs were created in Affinity Designer and photographic assets (externally sourced) were manually edited in Affinity Photo to take advantage of wide-gamut (P3) displays on Apple devices.

The app also makes extensive use of the Codable protocol for data, Core Location for geocoding and WatchConnectivity for syncing between watchOS and iOS.