Liam Bates Breadhead SeasonEats Plantminder


Breadhead is a fun and strategic card game where you must race to discard all of your cards before the 3 competing computer players. To aid you in the process the game includes multiple ‘power cards’ that you can use to skip turns, remove cards permanently form the game, and much more.

Featured on's Amazing iOS Games to Tryout. Breadhead is a multi-platform game working across iOS, tvOS and macOS and is available to download on the App Store.


If you require any support please contact me at [email protected] and I will look into the issue for you.


Breadhead was designed and coded using a common codebase across iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac. The game is built on the SpriteKit engine using Swift, which provides a very stable and performant game engine across all platforms. Graphical assets and the user interface were created in Illustrator and Sketch. In addition to creating the graphical assets and coding the game, I also created the sound effects.